Sales, design and manufacturing of hight quality hydrolic products

Hydraulique S.M.S. de l'Estrie inc. has for mission to manufacture and sell the highest quality in industrial hydrolic products at competitive price with the respect of the environment .

Principal products and services offered :

  • Sale and repair of hydrolic and pneumatic components : pumps , valves, cylindres, hoses pipes and fittings, o'rings , seals , packings, etc…
  • Hydrolic power unit fabrication.
  • Crushed stones and salt spreader for sidewalk and alleys.
  • Mini towed excavator "CABRITA"


Spreader trailer with hydrolic controls to de-ice sidewalks and alleys

Suited for municipalities or industrial sites

Can be hauled by Bombardier or tractors or any vehicules with an hydrolic power output

Models : .58 & .76 cu. yards

New : manuel and V.T.T models




Light and compact. Heavy worker with his 360 degres rotation. Can dig trenches 6 feet deep and lift 385 pounds

Used by electric or plumbing contractors landscapers,farmers, rental centers or personnal users.

Easy to move. Can be towed by all vehicule or V.T.T. equipped with 2" ball trailer hitch.