In constant evolution ... since 1965

Founded in 1965 by Armand Gagnon and his son J.J.Marc Gagnon, Sherbrooke Machine Shop Enr., worked particulary in industrial general repair ,design and manufacturing of special machineries. Years after years '' Sherbrooke Machine Shop Enr., '' developed an hydrolic product division. J.J.Marc Gagnon brother's , Germain Gagnon, became the second principal shareholder on may 1972. The company has been incorporated on September 19th1979. By this time, both brothers get the motivation to work on their own account.



1965 - General repair and special machineries manufacturing (2 employees, 1500 sq. feet)

1978 - Hydrolic and pneumatic specialization section.

1980 - New production facilities ( 12,000 sq. feet , 10 employees )

1988 - Design and manufacturing of a special crushed stone and salt spreader for sidewalks and alleys.

1999 - Design and manufacturing of a new mini excavator named "CABRITA"